How much memory and other resources does HyperMIDI need?

Because both MIDI data and the HyperMIDI XCMDs are compact, resources are negligible compared to the environment you're using it with (HyperCard, Director, etc.).

The total disk size of all XCMDs is under 100K bytes. For development, you need only one copy of the XCMDs on your disk for any number of MIDI applications. When developing stand-alone applications, you'll probably want to include the XCMDs in the application; since typical MIDI applications don't use all of the XCMDs, you need only include the ones you use, saving space.

HyperMIDI also allocates a few K of buffer space when it's running. Any sequences that that are playing or are held in memory require space; a large, full-featured MIDI sequence may require 40K bytes, for instance. By default, HyperMIDI automatically reclaims memory when a sequence finishes playing. For recording, you can create input buffers as large as memory, but 10K-40K is ample for all but the most extreme uses.

What about OMS and FreeMIDI?

Opcode and MotU supply the files OMS MIDI Manager Driver and FreeMIDI MM Driver, respectively, to connect between MIDI Manager and their MIDI systems. They should come with OMS and FreeMIDI, and simply replace the Apple MIDI Driver in your System folder (you don't need to restart your computer to use them). Besides the obvious advantage of being able to connect to other applications that use these systems, you also gain the ability to access your instruments by name. Use PatchBay to make connections between instruments and HyperMIDI.

Contact Opcode ( or MotU ( if you have further questions about using their systems with MIDI Manager. We are considering supporting these system in future HyperMIDI releases.

What about Windows?

We are considering Windows support in future products. Since XCMDs aren't supported under Windows, the current version of HyperMIDI is available only for Macintosh.

Can I distribute applications that use HyperMIDI?

A copy of HyperMIDI is licensed for one machine or user, so you need to license the XCMDs from us for distribution. The cost is $200 per year, per product, for unlimited quantity; "per year" means as long as you sell or otherwise distribute your product; a "product" can be multiple HyperMIDI applications, as long as they are distributed as a single product (a suite of ear-training applications, for instance). Contact us for a licensing agreement.