How many bits can you hear? video

A listening test in video form. On the plus side, it’s helpful to see the spectrum as it’s playing, and a peak meter to see how the sweeps compare to each other, and to the announcing voice. On the minus side, YouTube drops my 24-bit uncompressed source down to 16-bit. Worse, it somehow maintains the minimum 16-bit level for all subsequent sweeps—if you can hear the 16-bit, you’ll hear the ret too. So, for the quieter sweeps, please reference the audio from A listening test.

Tip: I’ve included the audio from A listening test in a player below the video. The audio is identical, but starts about two seconds later in the video. You can start the video, and as soon as the audio (or meter and spectrogram color) appears, start the audio player, and mute the video. As long as you’re within a second or so, it will match up fine with the video.

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