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Dither—The Naked Truth video

This video presents the “naked truth” on dither and truncation error, by stripping away the original signal of a musical clip and listening at different bit levels. I boost the error to a normalized audio volume for easy comparison of … Continue reading

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Dither widget

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Audio Dither Explained video

This video discusses the how and why of dither.

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Perspective on dither

Recently, I’ve had lengthy discussions on the topic of dither with a couple of different people—of opposite views. One believes that everything should be dithered, including truncations to 24-bit. The other feels that dither is a waste of time even … Continue reading

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The sound of dither

Dithering is about spreading errors out, so that they aren’t related to the sampled signal. A constant background hiss is easier to ignore than tones that change depending on signal frequencies and amplitude. Here’s a fixed-frequency sine wave, truncated to … Continue reading

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What is dither?

To dither means to add noise to our audio signal. Yes, we add noise on purpose, and it is a good thing. How can adding noise be a good thing??!!! We add noise to make a trade. We trade a … Continue reading

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Digital audio: theory and reality

The promise of perfect audio—the Nyquist Theorem Most people who’ve look at digital audio before know about the Nyquist theorem—if you sample an analog signal at a rate of at least twice its highest frequency component, you can convert it … Continue reading

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