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Filters for synths—the 4-pole

The last post noted that the two most popular synthesizer filters are the 2-pole state variable, and the 4-pole “Moog style”. And we started with the state variable—simple, popular, and delivering multiple filter outputs (lowpass, bandpass…) simultaneously. Here, we’ll follow … Continue reading

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Filters for synths–starting out

We haven’t developed a synth filter here yet… Filters we’ve presented Biquads. While they are useful for many simple cases of filtering, they are not a good choice for analog synthesizer emulation. Most notably, they are poorly suited to time-varying … Continue reading

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Envelope generators—ADSR widget

Attack Decay Sustain Release Attack Curve Decay/Release Curve Plot:linearlog This is the widget I used in making the ADSR video. It’s a JavaScript recreation of my C++ source code.

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Envelope generators—ADSR video

Let me know how you like this one!

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Envelope generators—ADSR code

First, a brief example of how to use the ADSR code: // create ADSR env ADSR *env = new ADSR(); // initialize settings env->setAttackRate(.1 * sampleRate); // .1 second env->setDecayRate(.3 * sampleRate); env->setReleaseRate(5 * sampleRate); env->setSustainLevel(.8); … // at some … Continue reading

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Envelope generators—ADSR Part 2

Certain aspects of the ADSR are up for interpretation. Exactly how the ADSR re-triggers when not starting from idle, for instance. Also, we can decide whether we want constant rate, or constant time control of the segments. The attack segment … Continue reading

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Envelope generators—ADSR Part 1

After discussing the exponential decay of the one-pole filter in a recent article, I couldn’t help but think about envelope generators. Besides, it would be handy to have one to test out some of these other components I’ve been writing … Continue reading

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Wavetable oscillator video

If you find this video helpful, let me know, and I’ll work more video demonstrations into articles.

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About synthesizer control voltages

Since I write about simulating classic analog synthesizers (a process often called “virtual analog”), mostly notably in my wavetable oscillator series so far, I wanted to touch on the topic of parameter control signals. Classic synthesizers have knobs to set … Continue reading

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