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Convolution—in words

Convolution is a convoluted topic—and that’s what it means (convoluted, from Merriam-Webster : “Extremely complex and difficult to follow. Intricately folded, twisted, or coiled.”). Really, it’s more difficult to explain why you would want to use convolution than it is … Continue reading

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Sample rate conversion: up

Once we have a suitable set of FIR filter coefficients from our windowed sinc calculator, it’s time to apply them. Again, our recipe for doubling the sample rate: 1) Insert a zero between existing samples. (This is the upsampling step, … Continue reading

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A bit about reverb

Reverb is one of the most interesting aspects of digital signal processing effects for audio. It is a form of processing that is well-suited to digital processing, while being completely impractical with analog electronics. Because of this, digital signal processing … Continue reading

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