Dither—The Naked Truth video

This video presents the “naked truth” on dither and truncation error, by stripping away the original signal of a musical clip and listening at different bit levels. I boost the error to a normalized audio volume for easy comparison of sound quality between different sample sizes, so your listening environment is not critical, but headphones will be a plus.

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2 Responses to Dither—The Naked Truth video

  1. Ted says:

    Nigel – this is a great video. I was looking for something to help explain what dither does and how it does or does not effect studio recordings.

    You know, if you posted every day I would get much less done. But, I would still like that.


  2. Datajake says:

    Nice video. I actually wrote a tiny DSP library that includes a bit crusher, and it lets you add different types of dither.

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