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Building a windowed sinc filter

As promised, here’s our windowed sinc calculator for building a 2x oversampling filter:  Factor  Length  Rejection  Gain Notes: Use the Tab or Enter keys to effect changes (most browsers), or press Calculate. The frequency axis is in multiples of the … Continue reading

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Pole-Zero placement

Use the new, improved pole-zero calculator—but be sure to read the “Experiments with standard biquads” section below for tips on placing poles and zeros for standard filters. Here’s a Java applet that illustrates pole-zero placement. It lets you design a … Continue reading

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The Fourier series

(Java is no longer supported by many popular browsers, and can be difficult to enable others…) Experiment with harmonic (Fourier) synthesis with this Java applet! The sliders represent the levels of the first eight harmonics in the harmonic series. The second harmonic … Continue reading

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A Java MIDI reference

If you had a Java-equiped browser, you’d see as applet here that looks like this. Choose the MIDI message type from the message pop-up menu to display the corresponding MIDI message bytes. For channel messages, you can choose the MIDI … Continue reading

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