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Floating point denormals

There’s another issue with floating point hardware that can easily cause serious performance problems in DSP code. Fortunately, it’s also easy to guard against if you understand the issue. I covered this topic a few years ago in A note … Continue reading

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About coefficient conventions

It’s been asked many times, so it’s worth an article explaining the conventions used on this site for transfer functions, and why they may differ from what you see elsewhere. People run into this most often with biquads: I use … Continue reading

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Filter frequency response grapher

Here’s a tool that plots frequency response from filter coefficients. Hz linearlog 10log 2 Plot auto40 dB30 dB20 dB10 dB0 dB-10 dB-20 dB-30 dB-40 dB Max 60 dB80 dB100 dB120 dB140 dB160 dB180 dB Range a coefficients (zeros) b coefficients … Continue reading

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Audio Signal Processing for Music Applications

I’d like to recommend this excellent—and free—online course: Audio Signal Processing for Music Applications by Prof Xavier Serra, Prof Julius O Smith, III The brief: In this course you will learn about audio signal processing methodologies that are specific for music … Continue reading

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Ventilator adapter in a mint tin

I don’t eat mints often, but when I do, they are sugar free… A Leslie speaker simulation Players of Hammond organs and their clones know how important the Leslie speaker is to the classic sound. Modern clones have electronic simulations … Continue reading

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Blog birth

Sometimes I get email asking a question—a question that I think others might have. Sometimes I’d like to write some helpful notes, but maybe it doesn’t warrant a full article. Or sometimes I’d like to address a subject in pieces. … Continue reading

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