Blog birth

Sometimes I get email asking a question—a question that I think others might have. Sometimes I’d like to write some helpful notes, but maybe it doesn’t warrant a full article. Or sometimes I’d like to address a subject in pieces. So, I’m going to try a blog. I won’t write every day, and no promise to be regular about writing. But it will be a place where I can address these things in bite-sized pieces. In addition, I’ve moved my older web articles to the blog to make it easier to find things.

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3 Responses to Blog birth

  1. Doug Mann says:

    Your plot graphics look awesome.. What do you use for generating those nice plots?

    • Nigel Redmon says:

      After poking around with a few things, I found flotr, which I like a lot. I might have to go to something else for more complex things, such as something I’m working on now, but otherwise it seems to cover most of my needs, and with nice style. Thanks for the feedback!

  2. Ulli Wiemers says:

    Your blog helped me a lot to get all that sampling stuff in its order.
    Thanks a lot!

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