Sampling theory, the best explanation you’ve ever heard—Prologue

I’ve been working on a new video, with the goal of giving the best explanation of digital sampling you’ve ever heard. The catch is I started on it three years ago. I’m not that slow, it’s just that I’ve been busy with projects, so time passes between working on it. And each time I get back to it, I rewrite it from scratch. You see, I want to give you a solid, useful theoretical framework that will both help you understand and help you make good decisions, with the goal of being intuitive. So, each time I have a little different viewpoint to try.

The video is still a few months off—I’m still busy for the next few months—but I’m going to present the idea first as a collection of short articles. And in the end, if I like it, the articles will serve as the script for the video.

I believe this is a unique explanation of sampling. Please follow it from the start, even if you feel you know the subject well. This isn’t something I read or was taught, but came from thinking about a way to explain it without descending into either mathematical symbolism or hand waving.

Next up: My first crack at the best explanation of sampling theory you’ve ever heard.

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