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Dither—The Naked Truth video

This video presents the “naked truth” on dither and truncation error, by stripping away the original signal of a musical clip and listening at different bit levels. I boost the error to a normalized audio volume for easy comparison of … Continue reading

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Dither widget

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Audio Dither Explained video

This video discusses the how and why of dither.

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Pole-Zero placement v2

Pair Pole mag Pole angle Pair Zero mag Zero angle Sample rate (Hz) linearlog Plot A new pole-zero calculator An JavaScript remake of the old Java-based pole-zero placement applet—visit that page for tips on pole-zero locations for standard biquads. The … Continue reading

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Biquad calculator v2

Type:lowpasshighpassbandpassnotchpeaklow shelfhigh shelfone-pole lpone-pole hp Plot:linearlog Sample rate (Hz) Fc (Hz) Q Gain (dB) Here’s an update of the biquad calculator. It adds one-pole highpass and lowpass filters, and frequency, Q, and gain sliders. The sliders cover the range of … Continue reading

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Envelope generators—ADSR Part 1

After discussing the exponential decay of the one-pole filter in a recent article, I couldn’t help but think about envelope generators. Besides, it would be handy to have one to test out some of these other components I’ve been writing … Continue reading

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Wavetable oscillator video

If you find this video helpful, let me know, and I’ll work more video demonstrations into articles.

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Perspective on dither

Recently, I’ve had lengthy discussions on the topic of dither with a couple of different people—of opposite views. One believes that everything should be dithered, including truncations to 24-bit. The other feels that dither is a waste of time even … Continue reading

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Replicating wavetables

My WaveTableOsc object uses a series of wavetables that are copies of single-cycle waveforms pre-rendered at a progressively smaller bandwidth. By “replicating wavetables” I mean taking a full-bandwidth single cycle waveform, and using it to make a complete set of … Continue reading

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A one-pole filter

Here’s a very simple workhorse of DSP applications—the one-pole filter. By comparison, biquads implement two zeros and two poles. You can see that our one-pole simply discards the zeros (the feed-forward delay paths) and the second pole (feedback path): We … Continue reading

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